Spiritual and Cultural Tour to Nepal

Spiritual and Cultural tour to Nepal - Nepal tour packages

Nepal comprises of natural beauty packed with Himalayan mountains and green slopes. Nepal is also known as the best destination for adventure in Asia. Besides adventure and beauty, Nepal comprises spiritual pursuits like Buddhism, Yoga, meditation and great Himalayas. As Nepal is a place of different sacred temples and monasteries, every year thousands of Hindus and Buddhists from all around the world visit Nepal to experience the spiritual bliss. If you are planning to visit Nepal with the best Nepal tour packages, Joshi tours, the best travel agency in Varanasi provides the best Nepal tour packages to visit famous temples,  monasteries and many more. Moreover, the cloudy mountains in Nepal resemble the stairways to heaven and gives you an excellent dreamy landscape experience.

We offer the best Nepal holiday tour packages where you can visit beautiful morning sun rays that plunge on the Kanchenjunga peak and also have fun at adventurous trekking activity in the region of Annapurna. You can also immerse yourself in trekking activities at the Everest base camp and Annapurna circuit, paragliding, river rafting, skydiving, etc.

Furthermore, Nepal is a beautiful place for wildlife sanctuaries and with the best Nepal tour package, you can experience wildlife safari, tranquil and visit famous national parks. Safari ride adds more fun to your trip by interacting with the animals in the most famous Chitwan National Park with the best Nepal tour packages. However, you can also visit Chitwan National Park with the best Kathmandu Pokhara Chitwan Tour Packages. You can also visit Sagarmatha National Park and Bardia National Park with the best Nepal holiday tour packages. 

Temples in Nepal:-

Pashupatinath Temple, Kathmandu

Pashupatinath temple is located 5km east of Kathmandu on the bank of sacred river Bagmati. Pashupatinath temple is famous for the Bagmati river which gives the best view of the temple. This Pashupatinath temple was built-in 1696 AD and you can visit this pilgrimage destination with the best Nepal tour packages. Pashupatinath temple is one of the famous temples dedicated to Lord Shiva which is one of the famous historical shrines in Kathmandu. You can visit this sacred place and fill your soul with spiritual happiness through the best packages for Nepal. Famous festivals celebrated in this temple are Shivaratri and Teej where you can experience all rituals for Lord Shiva. You can also visit this temple with the best Amarnath yatra packages.

Pashupatinath temple is acknowledged as the UNESCO World Heritage Site which is the most famous sacred destination in Nepal. During evenings, the glowing lights and diva adds more beauty to the temple. When you plan for Varanasi tour packages, you can also visit these famous Hindu shrines in Kathmandu.

Changu Narayan Temple, Bhaktapur

Changu Narayan temple is the oldest temple of Nepal, and remains as the milestone in the architecture of Nepal temple. Temple is located on the top of the high hilltop which is also known as Dolagiri or Changu. With the best Nepal tour packages, you can visit the pagoda style of two-story architecture with the Tantric deities carvings. The figure Garuda facing at the west door is from the 5th century and the Vishnu statue is believed to be from AD 464. In the year 2015, the temple was badly affected due to the earthquake. However, there is restoration going on. You can visit this spiritual place and return to your home with a lot of spiritual feeling through the best Nepal tour packages. 

Manakamana Temple

The name of the temple Manakamana originated from two words ‘mana’ which refers to heart and ‘kamana’ which refers to wish. As the name itself resembles if you make a wish with your heart in the temple, it is believed that your wish definitely comes true. Moreover, Manakamana temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga and is regarded as the most sacred place for Hindus. The temple is structured with a beautiful pagoda-style rooftop. You can visit this holy place as part of Nepal tour packages and explore the spiritual world.

Muktinath Temple, Mustang District

The famous Muktinath temple is located in the district of Mustang. You can visit this holy place with the best packages for Nepal as the part of your Nepal pilgrimage tour. The temple is considered as one of the 51 Shakti Peetas. You can also see 108 bull faces surrounding the temple through which water is poured. However, you can take a sacred bath in this water. During the festival Janai Purnima, devotees of Lord Vishnu gather in this temple to homage Lord Muktinath. Furthermore, the temple is considered as Muktinath- Chumig- Gyatsa by Buddhists. 

Maya Devi Temple, Lumbini

Maya Devi temple is dedicated to goddess Maya Devi, mother of Gautham Buddha. The temple is located adjacent to a sacred pool called Pushkarini and sacred garden. During the Navratri festival, a large number of devotees visit Maya Devi temple to worship and take blessings. The temple is dated to be 3rd century BCE brick buildings according to the archeological remains constructed by Ashoka. You can visit this holy place and get blessings from the Maya Devi through the best Nepal tour packages. 

Janaki Devi Temple, Janakpur

Janaki temple is the holy shrine dedicated to Hindu goddess Sita and the structure of the temple involves in Hindu-Koiri style which is completely constructed with white stone and marble. With the best Nepal tour packages, you can visit Janakpur that is famous in Ramayana as part of your Nepal tour packages. Janaki Devi temple is also known as the Nau Lakha Mandir because it is evidence of tremendous money which was spent to construct this extraordinary structure. You can experience a spiritual bliss and holy festival vibes during Ram Navami and Vivaha Panchami by worshipping Ram and Sita. 

Swayambhunath Temple, Kathmandu

Swayambhunath Temple is located to the northwest of Kathmandu valley, famously known as the monkey temple because many monkeys roam around the temple when the priests and devotees leave the temple. Temple’s white dome and glittering spire will be visible from many miles and sides of the valley. Swayambhunath temple is the most significant Buddist pilgrimage destination and you can visit Swayambhunath temple with the best Nepal tour packages. In the temple, you can see a stupa painted with the eyes on it. It is believed that these eyes are the eyes of Buddha and the nose is painted using the number one Devanagari style.

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